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Substance Abuse Addiction Treatment – Boulder Creek, CA

Substance Abuse/Drug Addiction Treatment Near Boulder Creek, California

Substance Abuse Addiction Treatment23.5 million Americans have been cited as having a substance abuse addiction.

This statistic begins to point to an overwhelming problem among the masses when it comes to having an uncontrollable substance abuse addiction. What can a person do to reel in their desire to abuse substances and gain normalcy in their life once again? It starts with a customized, top-tier substance abuse addiction treatment.

Those who pursue the right substance abuse addiction treatment can see incredible changes in their decision-making and health.

Here is more on what substance abuse addiction is and why treating it is a must for those who live in Boulder Creek, CA who want to make a meaningful change.

What Is Substance Abuse Addiction?

Substance abuse addiction is one of the major concerns a person can have in their life and is a problem that encompasses the lives of many.

Substance abuse is defined as a reliance on particular addictive substances. These substances can include a series of drugs or alcoholic beverages.

Importance of Seeking Substance Abuse Addiction Treatment

1) Reduces Long-Term Health Issues

The primary advantage and reason to seek treatment involves your long-term health.

Most substance abusers get stuck in a cycle of bad decision-making that ruins their health. Whether it is your heart, liver, kidneys, or overall health, it is important to seek treatment as soon as possible. Substances can start to hamper your health to the point of no return.

Researchers continue to study the detrimental impact on substances and state the situation is worsening as time goes on. Those who don’t gain control of their addiction are prone to cutting down their lifespan by 10-15 years and sometimes more.

2) Helps Control Triggers

Most people can gain control of their substance abuse addiction with an understanding of what triggers it.

Those who don’t know what these triggers are end up guessing as to what to do next. They get stuck and that’s when they make a horrible set of decisions. For many, it is the controlling of these triggers that ends up being the best and most important reason to seek out substance abuse addiction treatment.

Whether the trigger is something personal or something impersonal, it is best to know what it is immediately.

3) Creates Simple Plan For Your Addiction Treatment

Substance abuse addiction can become a wild ride for people as it creates a vicious cycle of bad decisions. To ensure you are not making poor decisions and pursuing the right path, it’s best to target a streamlined plan that’s built to handle your needs. The right treatment center can provide such an experience.

It becomes easier to target the root cause of your issues and get to the bottom of how to deal with it head-on.

Signs of Substance Abuse Addiction

“Addiction — both to prescription and street drugs — is a growing problem. If you’re worried that you or a loved one may have an addiction, there are signs to help you know.

You may have an addiction to prescription drugs if:

  • You’re not using medications in the way they’re prescribed. You take larger doses or take the drug more often than the prescription calls for. Or you use the medicine in a form not prescribed, such as crushing pills.
  • You go to more than one doctor to get prescriptions for the same drug or problem.
  • You use meds prescribed for other people.
  • You avoid telling the doctor about all the drugs you’re taking.
  • You keep taking a drug after it’s no longer needed for a health problem.
  • You look at other people’s medicine cabinets for drugs to take.
  • You take prescribed meds with alcohol or other drugs.

Other signs you may have a drug problem:

  • You need more and more of a substance to get the same effects (called “tolerance”), and you can take more before you feel an effect.
  • You feel strange when the drug wears off. You may be shaky, depressed, sick to your stomach, sweat, or have headaches. You may also be tired or not hungry. In severe cases, you could even be confused, have seizures, or run a fever.
  • You can’t stop yourself from using the drug, even if you want to. You are still using even though it’s making bad things happen in your life, like trouble with friends, family, work, or the law.
  • You spend a lot of your time thinking about the drug: how to get more when you’ll take it, how good you feel, or how bad you feel afterward.
  • You have a hard time giving yourself limits. You might say you’ll only use “so much” but then can’t stop and end up using twice that amount. Or you use it more often than you meant to.
  • You’ve lost interest in things you once liked to do.
  • You’ve begun having trouble doing normal daily things, like cooking or working.
  • You drive or do other dangerous things (like use heavy machines) when you are on the drug.
  • You borrow or steal money to pay for drugs.
  • You hide the drug use or the effect it is having on you from others.
  • You’re having trouble getting along with co-workers, teachers, friends, or family members. They complain more about how you act or how you’ve changed.
  • You sleep too much or too little, compared to how you used to. Or you eat a lot more or a lot less than before.
  • You look different. You may have bloodshot eyes, bad breath, shakes or tremors, frequent bloody noses, or you may have gained or lost weight.
  • You have a new set of friends with whom you do drugs and go to different places to use the drugs.

Signs someone else is addicted:

  • Changes in personality and behavior like a lack of motivation, irritability, and agitation
  • Bloodshot eyes and frequent bloody noses
  • Shakes, tremors, or slurred speech
  • Change in their daily routines
  • Lack of concern for personal hygiene
  • Unusual need for money; financial problems
  • Changes in friends and activities

If you think you or someone you know has a problem, seek help right away. The sooner an addict gets help, the better. Reach out to a drug rehabilitation program in your area for help.” Source:

Substance Abuse Addiction Treatment in Boulder Creek, CA

For those who are dealing with substance abuse problems in Boulder Creek, CA and want a targeted treatment, it’s time to make the right decision as soon as possible. Seek out the right addiction treatment center and move forward with a progressive treatment regimen.

This will be a life-changing experience and a must when it comes to your long-term health.

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