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November 26, 2017
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Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment – Dardanelle, California

Getting The Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment You Need | Dardanelle, California

Prescription Drug Addiction TreatmentBefore seeking prescription drug addiction treatment in Dardanelle, CA, one must understand what is involved. Generally, prescription drugs are relatively strong and that is why it is required to have a prescription to get them. There are many types of prescription medications that have the potential for abuse and addiction. Doctors will consider the risk and the benefits that a patient can face when giving a prescription medication. Here we will take a look at getting prescription drug addiction treatment.

 Why Some Prescription Drugs Are Addictive

The reason that one prescription medication is addictive versus another varies. Why someone will become addicted to sleeping pills is not the same as why someone becomes addicted to a strong pain medication.  Something like a sleeping pill chemically induces sleep but if taken for a long period of time it can disrupt the natural methods that the body uses to help someone go to sleep.

If on the other hand, someone in Dardanelle, CA is taking prescription medication intended to relieve anxiety such as diazepam or Xanax, then these work on nerve centers and chemicals in the brain which helps the person have a feeling of calmness and over time, the body becomes dependent on this type of medication. When the person no longer takes the medication then they can’t achieve the same result and this makes them feel they must continue taking it.

Prescription Drug Epidemic

When Does Prescription Drug Usage Change To Abuse Or Addiction?

Many of these medications have a significant effect on the brain. The longer a person takes a certain type of medication the more likely it is that they will have a substantial change in the way the brain works. Once these changes are firmly in place it becomes increasingly difficult for the individual to feel good without taking the medication.

Once a person feels that they must have the drug in order to reach a level they feel comfortable, then this can drive overwhelming cravings for the drug. Once this happens, the person is considered to be addicted or dependent on the drug. This is considered the cycle of addiction. Over time, someone who has this type of addiction is likely to have multiple doctors that they can go to in order to obtain the needed prescriptions.

Once the prescription drug addiction reaches this level they are highly likely to begin forging prescriptions or stealing them. Even someone of good character can get caught up in their addiction and begin doing things that would otherwise be completely outside of their normal character. It is likely that family members and friends, as well as colleagues, may begin to notice extreme mood swings, the individual may begin to sleep a lot or they may not sleep much at all, and it often leads to very poor decision-making.

How can prescription drug addiction be treated?

“Years of research have shown that substance use disorders are brain disorders that can be treated effectively. Treatment must take into account the type of drug used and the needs of the individual. Successful treatment may need to incorporate several components, including detoxification, counseling, and medications, when available. Multiple courses of treatment may be needed for the patient to make a full recovery.60

The two main categories of drug addiction treatment are behavioral treatments (such as contingency management and cognitive-behavioral therapy) and medications. Behavioral treatments help patients stop drug use by changing unhealthy patterns of thinking and behavior; teaching strategies to manage cravings and avoid cues and situations that could lead to relapse; or, in some cases, providing incentives for abstinence. Behavioral treatments, which may take the form of individual, family, or group counseling, also can help patients improve their personal relationships and their ability to function at work and in the community.60

Addiction to prescription opioids can additionally be treated with medications including buprenorphine, methadone, and naltrexone [see “Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)” below]. These drugs can counter the effects of opioids on the brain or relieve withdrawal symptoms and cravings, helping the patient avoid relapse. Medications for the treatment of addiction are administered in combination with psychosocial supports or behavioral treatments, known as medication-assisted treatment (MAT).”  According to

Getting Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment in Dardanelle, CA

If you or someone that you know has begun to feel addicted to a prescription medication, then it is unlikely you will be able to break the addiction on your own. It’s imperative that you seek out clinical assistance or organizations located in Dardanelle, CA that are available to help those who are addicted. The sooner you get help, the sooner you can put an end to the addiction.

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