Addiction Treatment And Rehabilitation

Addiction TreatmentIn order to determine if you need addiction treatment and rehab, you must understand what addiction is.

Addictions begin when a person experiments with an addictive substance out of curiosity, due to peer pressure or to relieve stress at work or home, only to find that they cannot stop. Addiction is complex and the psychological and physical nature of addiction often feed off each other. Addictive substances have different effects on different people, some physical and psychological, while others are mostly psychological.

What Is Addiction?

Addiction affects all types of people and doesn’t discriminate based on income, occupation, culture, race, or even strength of personal willpower – anyone is capable of developing an addiction. When a person has developed a compulsive behavior of drug- seeking regardless of the consequences it is most likely that an addiction has formed. Most addictions are marked by tolerance while using and needing more to get the desired effect, and withdrawal symptoms when trying to stop. Addiction treatment is seen by most as a person experiencing withdrawal symptoms like chills, sweats, seizures, and hallucinations, triggered by alcohol, opiates, and benzodiazepine withdrawal. However, other substances have less obvious side effects when quitting and often psychological effects experienced are much harder to overcome than physical ones.

If you have trouble with any of the following you may have a problem with addiction:

– Controlling how much is taken
– Controlling how often it is taken
– Controlling how long the substance has been taken (even on prescription)

While the initial decision to take a substance is usually voluntary, when the need to use the substance becomes uncontrollable the user has become addicted. Repeated drug abuse causes the chemistry of the brain to change so that addicts will continue using a substance even though they understand that their actions may cause harm to themselves or others. Even users with strong willpower and an intense desire to stop are incapable of quitting on their own because addictions are hard to beat.

Addiction Treatment Available

– Alcohol Addiction Treatment
The social acceptance of alcohol drinking often disguises addiction, leading to denial with severe consequences if left untreated. This legally controlled substance lowers inhibition and anxiety in a person and has a range of side effects from slurred speech to loss of coordination. When drinking negatively affects the everyday life of the drinker and those close to him/her on a consistent basis the user is considered to have an alcohol abuse disorder.
– Substance Abuse Addiction Treatment
The most prevalent substance abuse  include potentially dangerous illicit drugs that can change the way a person acts and thinks and ultimately alter the way the brain works. Physical dependence is the first part of addiction is recognized by a tolerance to the drug, and withdrawal symptoms that are experienced when trying to stop. Tolerance is when more of the drug is needed to have the same effects as when the drug was started and withdrawal is the negative symptoms experienced when the user has become used to the drug and stops taking it.
The second part of drug addiction has to do with the psychological dependence on the substance. This is evident by a desire on the part of the user to stop using because of the negative consequences of the abuse, but feeling unable do so. Common illicit drugs include heroin, crack, ecstasy, and cocaine.
– Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment
Prescription drugs are among the most addictive substances with millions of prescriptions written and many users developing addictions that start with a prescribed dose. Prescription medication invites the highest level of addiction due to their euphoric nature that quickly develops dependency. Continued use of prescription drugs causes a physical dependence marked by tolerance and negative withdrawal symptoms. A psychological compulsion is developed when using these substances which compel a person to continue using in spite of severe negative consequences. Many users of prescription medication overdose and die.

If you are concerned that you may be struggling with substance abuse and addiction, or someone you care about is acting strangely, there are several rehabilitation centers who deal with specific substance abuse problems who can help addicts break the habit successfully and return to a normal life.

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