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Our Mission: We believe in recovery. AddictionResources.org was founded with the core purpose of providing clear, trustworthy information on addiction treatment. Free of bias, private and confidential. No claims, no judgment, just the facts.

Editorial Guidelines

The internet is a tremendous resource of knowledge, and not all of it is useful or trustworthy. That’s where we come in. Fact checked, trustworthy information without any of the bogus claims. Determining a clear path of action is hard enough — you shouldn’t have to worry about the integrity of the information you’re relying on.

  • Transparent: All business and financial relationships are disclosed clearly and upfront.
  • Trustworthy: All claims and facts are source checked and citations from reputable organizations are provided for all content.
  • Confidential: We don’t capture any personally identifying information through forms or questionnaires.
  • Helpful: We’ve built our website from the ground up through hundreds of interviews with families and individuals who’ve undergone treatment. We seek to provide information for all of the questions you’ll have.

Accepted Insurance Companies

Anthem BlueCross

BlueCross BlueShield



Value Options

United Healthcare

MultiPlan - PHCS

United Behavioral Health

Note: Our Addiction Treatment Centers DO NOT ACCEPT any Government or State subsidized Insurance such as: Medicaid or Medi-Cal

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